Monday, November 29, 2010


haizz.. looks like this is my 'time of the month' again.. == I really want to know wat your thinking... always keep me in doubt.. wth!! T.T I always try not to think too much.. but u just ignores me.. not completely though... how can I think so less?? =.= haizz... Time will reveal things.. so I'll wait...

Sunday, November 21, 2010


i type again... blek! stupid mobile internet... cheh! XD yesterday had a great day lor at DPC.. wif shean, honhon, ahkit, vivien, hong yih, siew keng, ying jie, and jun bin.. :D we go there play many things lor... aeroplen qi... err... poker slap hand der... both oso i lost... XD nvm... no punishment jiu ok Ler... :D then they all go to market there by bicycle while me n honhon.. who dono how to ride bike... walk/run there... so chuan... phew~~ XD exercise a while oso ok de la hor... hehe... and then while they pump the bike tires... i learn how to ride it.. ahkit teach me... :D pump finish we go car park continue my lesson.. hehe... learn dao so xin ku, after tat we go to some restaurant eat... YUMMY! xD but dam exp lea... TT after tat we pigi BIG APPLE buy donUt ( to replace CAKE! ) go bac shean house eat... then take a few mor foto, habis the donUt THEN i Go bac Ler... PHONE GT PROB SO TYPE UNTIL ALL CAPITAL LETTERS DE... :P HOPE CAN GO OUT WIF U ALL XIAO PPL NEXT TIME TIS YEAR... xD YAY! HAD A GREAT DAY YESTERDAY LO... THANKS U ALL GUYS MENTIONED ABOVE... xD HEHEHE... :D I USE PHONE TYPE DE LEA... GENG MEI YOU O?? 

Friday, November 19, 2010

4A AI!!!

another year past.. :P
met new friends, had a blast this year with them.. :D
now... its time we say goodbye.. TT well.. at least for 2 months lar..
hehe.. :DD
Hope we all of 4a ai will be same class next year at 5aai..
but di yi ming.. cj hard lor.. TT who tell him get so gud der results ar..
xD yea.. we have some ups and downs. in our class.. with our classmates..
but still we are students of 4AAI lor.. hehe..


I know nobody's reading this.. :D so what for i post? xDD now i am talking to myself.. xDD so fun!! :DD