Sunday, December 12, 2010


Bloggie time.. :) i have no idea wat i gonna write about.. ): i just write.. :P left 19 days till 2011.. new year new ME! :))) but changing to me.. now.. is hard.. @@ donno why.. myb lacking in self confidence.. or support... haihh.. Donno who I can really really trust in this confusing world now... Its like.. when you fall.. and nobody to pick you up... all alone.. in the dark pit of intimidation.. well.. at least i got 1 more good best friend I can trust.. :) I also lack of experience than most people.. in relationships with others.. coz of what i was before.. I close myself from other people.. being 'emo' all the time.. the erm.. true kind of them.. google search 'emo' then you'll understand.. but last year meet dao a good fren.. who always play with me ( yes.. play only).. then I feel.. interacting with people not bad mar.. xD then from there I won't close self and always be open to anyone anything ler.. :) become rojak ler.. :( (and yes.. i have a very childish thinking pattern... ><) haha... this year I also meet new people.. had fun.. a good year at the start.. but it actually ended freaking badly.. haihh.... but we have to move on lar.. I keep reminding myself this.. :) when facing problems... I still can stand strong... and face it.. no matter how hurt or difficult it is.. but still I have my limit.. which.. I havent know what it is yet.. xD

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